Saturday, 28 April 2012

The ending-point

Assalamualaikum...hello there..

Now the mid term break had over and now welcoming Dungun...
And yesterday, the result exam for diploma student has came out..
I would like to say congrats for those who had achieved great achievement, gotta the DL..
For those who were got a normal one, do not feel down and lose hope..
You have another chance ahead in your life..
I learned from life is that, before gain success, we will face the failure..
Failure is the part of success..
Without failure, we will never learn from the mistakes we did.
So wake up guys and girls, its not the world-ending if we fail..
No, but it was a benchmark how far we had put our effort in getting the success.
This reminder is also for me, as I am still a student with about 8 weeks to go to before the final exam, my first ever Degree examination..
And starting from the 1st week, I have aim the best result..
This is for myself, family and friends...

To my brother, sisters and my little cousies,
What I did is for the sake of the myself and the family..
I want to see all of us get goof result...
All those success in the examination are for the inspiration to all of you..
Wake up guys and girls, prove that you can do it..
DO not ever play around with the studies...
Your future is depends on the effort you put on your studies...
SO, never look back, the past is the past,
you can never turn back and correct the failure..
But, what can you do is prevent the failure from happening...
Be discipline, focus, make a lot of exercise and the most important STAY PRAY to ALLAH...
InsyaAllah, with all the hard works and the consistency in your studies, Allah will pay you the result..
BUT, if you do not get the success yet, be patient because Allah is testing you...

p/s: Gudluck for the battle in studies, stay FOCUS and be DISCIPLINE...PRAY harder.

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