Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Assalamualaikum... :)

Its been 8 days since Im at home...
What a great feeling where I can run away from all the sucks people at Merbok..
And then, I am free from be searching by some people there...

Actually, I just wan to run away for some reasons.
Day by day Merbok makes me feel uneasy and hurt me..
At some point, was it my fault for feel like that?
Perhaps, me myself don't know what was happened to me...

Homesick feeling was soo great since it brought me to buy the ticket to Ipoh and went back home...
I can't stand staying at Merbok for 11 days by doing nothing...
Ohh no, that's not me...I'm the one who can't sit without doing anything...
My hands cannot stand still and my body can't just having a long sleep.
They need works to do and I can got that kind of works only at my home..
Plus, I miss my cousins soo much and want to meet them this coming Friday or Saturday..

Alhamdulillah, I have many homework during my stay...
Painting the room with brand new purple angle colour..
Really beautiful and brings calmness..
Sort out the unused things...
Then, cooking for the family members...
Baking the rainbow cake...yummy... (already finished)
Doing all the housewife routine..ngeh3
I prefer doing all kind of works rather than sleeping, eating and networking for the whole day at F3-02-05..

Oh, home is the best place ever although it is the place where we stay for a long time..
I really loves home and that's why people are seldom see me because staying at home is my job. :D
p/s: save the petrol okay :)

The last paper is around the corner and yet, the book has not been read by me..heeeeeeee
Ahhh, later pun worries :)

p/s: Iman & Ainaa, and Syifa pleasee come to opah's house faster, I really miss u gurls...
       And to that man, I miss you and always love you <3

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