Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Ahad, hari terakhir final exam...
Last paper on the day...
Yeah, it was a great feeling since I have to wait for 11 days just before the exam..
Staying at home make me comfortable and I wasn't pleased to go back to Merbok..

Then, on the day, after the exam,
packing up all my stuff at the college...
While packing, suddenly I received a MMS,

"You mean a lot to me, so wherever you are and whatever you're doin, always take care"

Huh!!! It was like a sign..What does it means?
I just ignored that then after finished packing,
I went to Pusat Islam, for Zuhur.
At last rakaat, my heart suddenly start feeling sad.
and the tears have came out..
I don't know what was happened to me...
It just like a click...

p/s: Still haven't make up my mind yet, but the feeling keeps goin strong.

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